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"Shea butter from the Bounkani nature reserves"


   The Wonders of Shea  honors shea butter of the Ivory Coast  more particularly from the Bounkani region.


   More than 7 years ago, Valentin, the founder of the brand "Les Merveilles du Karité", fell in love with the African continent. As part of his job in the health sector, he had the opportunity to travel to visit his clients, met during congresses in France.


   In February 2019, during a trip to Ivory Coast, I fell in love with the Bounkani region but especially for the sublime shea butter.

Valentin was particularly amazed by a cooperative of courageous women:  The SCOOPS PROKAB (Simplified Cooperative Society of Shea Producers of Bounkani).

A group of more than 2,000 women producers of shea butter from the Bounkani region in the north-east of Côte d'Ivoire.  

This shea butter is unbleached, unrefined

and not deodorized!

   Shea is a tree (or butyrospermum parkii ), it grows in the savannah in West and Central Africa. "The butter tree" produces a green fruit. The almonds from its nuts are pressed to make butter .  

   Our sublime SCOOPS PROKAB shea butter comes from a cooperative in the Bounkani region  in Ivory Coast.







   Over the course of the meetings, Valentin met people with the same philosophy and the same ethics as him.

   Therefore, we offer Moringa oil from Huilerie Courcelle . This oil is above all a family story, a story of women for several generations and of sisters-in-law today. One of them lives in Central Africa and the other in France. It is by noting the prodigious effects of this oil from Africa that this Huilerie du Rwanda was created so that quality African productions can also be better recognized. We thank our dear and dynamic Violaine de l'Huilerie Courcelle  for this sublime Moringa oil.

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