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An ancestral oil ... MORINGA oil! This sublime oil is produced in Africa and more precisely in Rwanda. It is above all a family story, a story of women for several generations and of sisters-in-law today. A beautiful family and ethical production. It is a high quality oil. It is a long job done in respect of the cycles of nature by correctly remunerating an entire village in Rwanda. The work is done on a voluntary basis and in a good mood. This oil mill favors people and the seasons. In addition to their own production, they have set up a collection system; the peasants are free to come at any moment knocking on our door with seeds which are paid to them "on the spot". Also called the “Tree of Life”, Moringa oil offers a lot of benefits. Moringa oil is a high quality precious oil. It is a long job done in the respect of the cycles of nature and the respect of a fair and equitable remuneration. Moringa oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, but also in vitamins (C, E), minerals (potassium, calcium ..) and proteins. Moringa oil has two uses: cosmetic and food. Cosmetic use is the most sought after, although the fatty acid composition is also very beneficial nutritionally, it can be eaten raw or cooked.

MORINGA Oil - 50 ml

SKU: 0008
  • This moringa oil comes from a small family production in a small village in Rwanda.

    This moringa oil is 100% natural.

    It comes from a first cold pressing.

  • Moringa oil is very rich in  Unsaturated fatty acids 

    1. Palmitic acid  6.2%,
    2. Palmitoleic acid 1.4%,
    3. Stearic acid  5.7%,
    4. Oleic acid  70%,
    5. Linoleic acid 0.8%,
    6. Linolenic acid  0.1%,
    7. Arachidic acid  3.9%, 
    8. Gadoleic acid 2.1%,
    9. Behenic acid  7.7%.      

    Moringa Oil contains  many sterols  in varying amounts: stigmasterol, campesterol and beta-sitosterol are the three predominant compounds.                                    It contains  vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol, gamma-tocopherol, delta-tocopherol)  with anti-oxidant and anti-aging action on the skin.                                                                                                                                          Oil  of Moringa is very rich in Unsaturated Fatty Acids (80%),     which gives it emollient and softening properties particularly recommended for dry to very dry skin.                                                                         Moringa oil is rich in  phytosterols  known to promote the maintenance of the cell membrane, improve the barrier function of the skin and slow down skin aging.                             

    Moringa oil is rich in  tocopherols  known for their anti-oxidant and anti-free radical effects.           

    Moringa oil  is rich in vitamins A, B and C. It strengthens and softens the hair, softens and nourishes the driest areas of the body, gives a new radiance to mature skin,                                

    Thanks to that  concentration of anti-aging active ingredients, Moringa oil is recommended for  mature skin  with real care 2 in 1 since it can have a function of  anti-aging serum and moisturizing action  even for the driest and most dehydrated skin types.                                    

    Its nourishing and soothing action is particularly indicated after prolonged exposure to the sun. Moringa oil soothes and softens the skin. Thanks to its soothing, emollient and nourishing properties, Moringa oil is recommended for daily care or massage for dry to very dry skin, and softens and brings well-being to damaged skin. 

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